Lincoln Lawyer Books in Order: A Guide for Fans

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  • Apr 29, 2023

Hai Sobat, if you’re a fan of legal thrillers, you’ve probably heard of the Lincoln Lawyer series by Michael Connelly. This bestselling series follows the exploits of Mickey Haller, a criminal defense attorney who operates out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car. In this article, we’ll give you a guide to the Lincoln Lawyer books in order, so you can stay caught up with Mickey’s latest adventures.

The Lincoln Lawyer (2005)

The Lincoln Lawyer is the first book in the series, and it introduces readers to Mickey Haller. In this book, Mickey takes on a case defending a wealthy Los Angeles real estate agent accused of assaulting a prostitute. However, as the case unfolds, Mickey begins to realize that his client may be guilty after all.

The Brass Verdict (2008)

The second book in the series, The Brass Verdict, sees Mickey taking on a new case after the murder of a fellow lawyer, Jerry Vincent. Vincent had been representing a Hollywood mogul accused of killing his wife and her lover, and Mickey inherits the case after Vincent’s death. However, as Mickey delves deeper into the case, he realizes that he may be in over his head.

The Reversal (2010)

In The Reversal, Mickey takes on a new case with his ex-wife, Maggie McPherson, who is now a prosecutor. The case involves a man who was convicted of killing a young girl, but new DNA evidence has come to light that may exonerate him. However, as Mickey and Maggie work together, they begin to uncover a web of corruption and deceit that puts their lives in danger.

The Fifth Witness (2011)

The Fifth Witness sees Mickey taking on a new case defending a woman accused of killing her banker husband. As Mickey investigates the case, he uncovers a conspiracy involving mortgage fraud and a group of bankers who will stop at nothing to protect their secret.

The Gods of Guilt (2013)

In The Gods of Guilt, Mickey takes on a new case defending a former client who has been accused of murdering a prostitute. As Mickey delves deeper into the case, he realizes that he may have unwittingly played a role in the woman’s death.

The Law of Innocence (2020)

The most recent book in the series, The Law of Innocence, sees Mickey defending himself after he is accused of murder. When a former client is found dead in the trunk of his Lincoln Town Car, Mickey becomes the prime suspect. With the help of his team, Mickey must clear his name and find the real killer.

Book Title Publication Year
The Lincoln Lawyer 2005
The Brass Verdict 2008
The Reversal 2010
The Fifth Witness 2011
The Gods of Guilt 2013
The Law of Innocence 2020


So, there you have it, Sobat – a guide to the Lincoln Lawyer books in order. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Mickey Haller or you’re just discovering the series, these books are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Happy reading!

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